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Author Topic: Ruchir's Photo Collection  (Read 2836 times)

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Ruchir's Photo Collection
« on: October 18, 2006, 05:07:39 AM »

As suggested by DD, here is the collection of my Photo posts. More will be added as they are posted.

Photo - Pressing buttons

Photo - Sigh!!

Photo - Stretch

Photo - How not to catch

Photo - That's Umpiring

Photo - English Orgy

Photo - Supercricketerman

Photo - PAK punishment

Photo - Ball that wasn't bowled

Photo - Yo mama !!!

Photo - Decipher the expression...

Photo - ICL time pass

Photo - All Aborad!!

Photo - Lady gazing

Photo - BD ladies celebrate

Photo - PAK ladies training

Photo - Covered cheerleaders

Photo - Karthik's chicken dance!?

Photo - Who is 'pressing' whom?

Photo - MSD fitness

Photo - Enraged fan

Photo - Phucknor and Bensod

Photo - WTF bowling action!!

Photo - Soccret? Croccer?

Photo - Where umpires do it

Photo - Celebrations, Indian style

Photo - Cheating Australians !?

Photo - How Akhtar keeps fit

Photo - Two of a kind

Photo - SG plays Akhtar bouncer

Photo - Heavenly Delight

Photo -- Injurious action!?

Photo - The Kiss follows...

Photo - PAK couple warming up

Photos from the 20/20 WC

Photo - Bangla Orgy

Photo - Legal Aliens!!

Photo - The Last One

Photo - Malinga, anyone?

Photo - The itch and the ball

Photo - The reason why English team is horrible

Photo - English Salsa dance

Photo - Karthik's Rain dance

Photo - Balls

Photo - The new pair !?

Photo - The Stretch

Photo - The new beginning

Photo - What?

Photo - Sehwag needs support

Photo - Flying exercise

Photo - Gloster attempting on Yuvraj

Photo - SRT's twisted ankle

Photo - Odd Dress Out

Photo - Nel appeal

Photo - Smith gets nut-cracked

Photo - Kallis showing off Fine Leg

Photo - Woolmer Syndrome??

Photo - Hangin' About...

Photo - Inzy's tummy

Photo - Flabby Rock

Photo - Inzy catching Akmal's ass

Photo - Just one Kiss...

Photo - Muay Thai

Photo - Bangla Jodi

Photo - Oh My God!!!

Photo - Inzy's class

Photo - Irish Paki

Photo - PAK ballet practice

Photo - Inzy's skin show

Photo - Sreesanth's competition

Photo - Bermuda Heavyweights

Photo - Main aur Tum... Saath Saath

Photo - Ready, Set, Action...

Photo - Ooo yeaahhh....

Photo - Tridev

Photo - Mover and Shaker

Photo - Dreaming RD

Photo - Naked Yawn...

Photo - Seat Reserved

Photo - Super Fly Shaun

Photo - In your face

Photo - Cheeky single

Photo - RDS slapping Azza...

Photo - India's WC2007 Squad

Photo - Horny Bhajji ??

Photo - Joined at hip...

Photo - Song & Dance

Photo - Lankan Mounting

Photo - Brokeback Mounting

Photo - Mahmood's needle

Photo - Strange Celebration

Photo - Strange Lee

Photo - Whoa!! Hey??

Photo - GC 3-month pregnant

Photo - The Waiter

Photo - Now give me a Kiss !

Photo - Dhoni's Tandav

Photo - What is SG staring at?

Photo - Hi-Tech GC?

Photo - WI couple enjoying

Photo - African Orgy

Photo - Inzy'z Curze

Photo - Peek-a-boo??

Photo - This ain't cricket (mild warning)

Photo - Freddie considering hanging himself

Photo - Oh, My.... Symonds, Clarke, gifts etc.

Photo - Lee slaps Ponting in celebration

Photo - Kiwi mujra

Photo - Inzy, Chucktar practice dancing

Photo - SA orgy (over one ball?)

Photo - Asad Rauf protects his family jewels

Photo - Zaheer's Tandav

Photo - Ganguly in black & white

Photo - Kallis Butt

Photo - Zaheer's strike

Photo - What is SG pointing at?

Photo - Chucktar's prostate exam...

Photo - Mian Tunn

Photo - Peek-a-boo

Photo - That's such garbage

Photo - Strange Shot!!!

Photo - SG in SA

Photo - Getting Torched

Photo - What is Lee up to?

Photo - Australian Dolls

Photo - Harmison's Pinky

Photo - The Pawar Push

Photo - Freddy gets felt

Photo - Searching Money?

Photo - CG and KP

Photo - Carabean Ecstacy

Photo - Lone Spectator

Photo - Something suspicious in Smith's mouth

Photo - GC opens it wide

Photo - Practising Ballet

Photo - Awesome Twosome

Photo - One handed Puch-Up

Photo - Glued to the Pitch

Photo - Wanna kick some??

Photo - Gilly The Philanthropist

Photo - Younis catching butterflies with Jayawardene

Photo - Karisma w/o make-up... looking sickly

Photo - Alien Abduction

Photo - Raina feeling Munaf up

Photo - Chucklitharan

Photo - AUS Gay parade in Mumbai

Photo - Lara doing a pieterSan

Photo - ENG Gay action in Mumbai

Photo - Sangakkara's prostate exam

Photo - Hussey holding his balls

Photo - Inzy's female fan.... Izz

Photo - Balaji's Tandav

Photo - Dhoni's bat

Photo - SG images

Photo - Hair Raising

Photo - Aussie ecstacy

Photo - Katich's Yoga

Photo - What is thizz?

Photo - Young Boyz

Photo - Immaculate Balance

Photo - Torn Pant

Photo - Huggy Huggy, Kissy kissy

Photo - MSD hair

Photo - HS, SRT and GC

Photo - Survival of the fittest

Photo - RD, GC and bat in the butt

Photo - Inzy and Harper

Photo - PAK Orgy

Photo - Ummmm... this closeness

Photo - Discussing Tactics

Photo - Akhtar fingering the ball

Photo - SRT special

Photo - Get-Bent Akhtar

Photo - Lice, Lice, baby

Photo - Ajaa Meri Jaan !!

Photo - Young and Hard Orgy

Photo - Kambli and his wife (soon-to-be)

Photo - Air Dhoni

Photo - Thunder thighs Inzy

Photo - Speed Pressure

Photo - Inzy's Irony

Photo - Battle of Sex

Photo - What iz to a say?

Photo - Hair burning

Photo - The Protestor

Photo - Really Hair raising

Photo - The Australian chamber of Shaolin

Photo - Lahore burning

Photo - Asif Accused

Photo - Conversation, Karan Johar style

Photo - Hair on the BALL

Photo - What?

Photo - Security

Photo - This is for KKKIRAN

Photo - The Scarecrow

Photo - Playing Sitar (with an Abdomen guard!?)

Photo - Nice poses

Photo - The Conversation

Photo - Twins !?

Photo - Indian Musical

Photo -What is SRT doing??

Photo - Air Monty

Photo - In and Out

Photo - Chappell and the boyZ

Photo - Kaneria's Chicken dance...

Photo - Getting naughty on the ground

Photo - Super Monty and The Incredible Hulk

Photo - In the face

Photo - Cook gone fishing

Photo - Inzy's acrobatics

Photo - Picture says it all

Photo - Air Indian Team

Photo - Yuvraj catching the ball with teeth

Photo - Whoa, baby!!!

Photo - Dalmiya attempting nose-picking in public

Photo - Dalmiya garlanding himself

Photos From Indian Camp (I'm Subbing for Ruchir Today)

Photo - Counting crows!!??

Photo - This is how a bouncer is bowled

Photo - Angelina-Brad's baby in Madame Tussauds

Photo - Izzz, what a hell this?

Photo - Fashion statement from Sri Lanka

Photo - Kumble's wicket of Harvey

Photo - Ms. India for Ms. Universe 2006 (swimsuit pic)

Photo - This is how Langer scored his 300+

Photo - What's the commotion? Any comments?

Photo - Fanning his joystick

Photo - Chinese Cricket

Photo - Monty's ballet

Photo - Dada in Pro40 ??

Photo - Express your first thought

Photo - Hoggard's thoughts

Photo - Frustrated Inzy

Photo - Pietersen's gymnastic

Photo - Balance of Inzy

Photo - Leap of Panesar

Photo - Danish "Butter Fingers" Kaneria drops another one

Photos - On-field Sports voilence !!?? (open with care)

Photo - Take a break with Sachin and Dada

Photo - Ramprakash doing a Ganguly

Photos - Dravid

Photos - Few Old Memories....

Sreesanth's new dance pose

Yuvraj, Dravid and Kaif......

What the hell are these guys searching??

The LEAP of success

Poetry in motion...

That breakdance, again ...

Photo - Fixing a date !!??

Photo - BALL in the face

Photo - @#$%^&*

Photo - BALLED between the legs

Photo - Grabbing the BALL

Uuiii Maaaa

Photos - Soccer fans

The Walking Stump...

Atkinson digging the pitch up

King to Sarwan - Will you marry me?

Photos - Sachin in action....

Kisses of FIFA (open with care)

Is Chappell *damaging* the pitch ??

Dhoni trying anti-gravity stuff

Raina playing ball...

Dhoni doing a Pele...

Prelude to a Kiss !!??

Yuvraj catches Bravo

Puja for Ganguly's return....

Rain fight - Dhoni & Sreesanth -- new pic

Sreesanth - After Dhoni was done with him

Lonely Dravid

Munafand Sreesanth - The Couple

Dhoni and Sreesanth - Really GAY stuff......

Lara looking at the skies.....

Raina and Sehwag - Again !!!

Raina and Sehwag - The young and the hairless.....

Dhoni practising

Glen Chapple in action.......

What is Chappell saying to Dravid?

Caption - What is Chappell saying?

The Sehwag Stunner

Jonty teaching Pakistanis....

The Tussle

GER - CRC game...... a photo

Ganga photo -- of the controversial catch

WOW !!!

Three Musketeers....

The new Ad...

Delhi's Traffic cop

If looks could field.........

Brilliant action ??!!??!!

The Rain dance...

BS Bedi and his son

This one is for FINELEG

What's up ??

Boyz in da pool

BS Bedi's Son in a TV Serial on Prithviraj Chauhan

The Front and the Back side of a bowler....

Futuristic Sci-Fi Soldier or a Cameraman !!??

Mandira Bedi pics - open in private

Media people attacked in Bangladesh

Mr. Universe (of India)

Kaif getting a taste of things to come (his way)...
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