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Author Topic: Now, isn't this a job I would like to have ?  (Read 3879 times)

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Now, isn't this a job I would like to have ?
« on: January 15, 2006, 02:03:02 AM »

Substitute India for Pakistan and read on --

I am green with envy !! Wait, let me take that back. I am Blue ;)


Pakistan's only paid cricket fan is writing memoirs

14 January 2006

LAHORE Pakistan's Abdul Jaleel, perhaps the world's only cricket fan who is paid by a national board to watch matches around the globe, is now writing his memoirs in which India will figure prominently.

Jaleel, who receives a monthly scholarship of Rs10,000 from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has got a new sponsor, Al-Falah Bank, ahead of the three-Test India-Pakistan series that began here yesterday.

On the opening day of the first Test at the Gaddafi Stadium here, the white bearded Jaleel, dressed as always in a long kurta with the Al-Falah Bank logo emblazoned on it, was seen waving the huge Pakistan flag vigorously. Jaleel, who always carries the flag whether in the stadium or out of it, has coined a new slogan for the India-Pakistan series.

"My new slogan is 'Welcome, welcome Indian team welcome; welcome, welcome Indian people welcome', and I will ask my fellow Pakistani fans to shout this with me," Jaleel told IANS.

The Sialkot-based Jaleel, who spent 250 hours travelling in India during Pakistan's tour last year, is now writing a book on his long association with cricket and his life outside the game.

"The book, expected to be published in August, will have two titles as it will be written in two languages, English and Urdu.

"The English title will be Flag Flying while the Urdu title will be Parcham Lahrata Ragehe."

He said the book would include the three World Cups he has watched Pakistan in 1996, England in 1999 and South Africa in 2003 as well as his Haj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The friendly Jaleel virtually makes his living from the "scholarship" that he receives from the PCB and the money from the Al-Falah Bank.

"I now get Rs10,000 as honorary scholarship, including the bonus etc." Jaleel had a great time during Pakistan's tour of India last year, often staying with Hindu families.

"I had a fine time during my stay in the house of one Kapoor family in Chandigarh during the first Test in nearby Mohali, Punjab. I received so many gifts in India that I can't tell you." His one regret - that there was no time to see the Taj Mahal in Agra and Tipu Sultan's palace near Bangalore.




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Now isnt this a job I would like to
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2014, 12:29:01 PM »

I just want us both to feel like royalty its his day as well as mine, no bridezilla here.
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