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Author Topic: 2014 Schedule: Is FIFA trying to DISCOURAGE fans from going to the World Cup ???  (Read 1042 times)

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So, as people may or may not have noticed, FIFA released the match schedule for Brazil 2014 today, and from the standpoint of anyone actually thinking about attending Brazil 2014, it is an unmitigated disaster. Given that Brazil does not have anything even vaguely resembling a functional passenger rail system, attending all three of your team's group stage matches is in almost all cases going to require at least two plane flights and changes of hotels.

This comng on top of South Africa 2010, where groups stage matches were also spread out all over a country without a functional passenger rail system.

It's almost as if FIFA is going out of its way to make it as difficult, frustrating, and expensive as possible for fans actually attending a World Cup...

What could FIFA have done differently?

1) Mandated construction of high-speed rail as a condition of hosting
2) Used multiple stadia in high-density cities such as Rio and Sao Paolo instead of only one venue per city, and not hosted matches in middle-of-nowhere cities such as Manaus, Cuiaba, and Salvador
3) Organized the group stage matches by geographic proximity so that fans could base themselves in 1 or 2 cities and get easily from game to game.


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