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Author Topic: Technology at Play in CWG  (Read 1857 times)

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Technology at Play in CWG
« on: October 03, 2010, 06:53:27 AM »

Technology at Play

Nandini Nair  Posted: Sun Oct 03 2010, 21:03 hrs New Delhi:

Aerostat: To some, the Rs 50 crore oblong 80x40m aerostat looks like a garden slug.

A host of hi-tech gadgets will make appearance at the Games.

Helium Balloon Aerostat

To some, the Rs 50 crore oblong 80x40m aerostat (above) looks like a garden slug. Itís fitted with cables which recreate aerial lighting, and the round mirrors reflect beamed light back onto the ground. The walls of the blimp act as screens, giving the audience a clear view of the opening ceremony.


Security is paramount at the Games, so the TETRA network has been brought in to assure a reliable communication system for the security forces, as it works even when most devices go down. With inbuilt GPS and Vehicle Tracking Systems, the sets are reputed to be sabotage-proof.

Superfast Internet
Ericsson has brought in its most advanced broadband technology, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), at the Commonwealth Games Village, using Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON). The platform will allow residents to download data at 100 MBps and access Wi-Fi.

Smart Baton
The Queenís Baton which will complete its 1,70,000-km journey and enter the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium during the opening ceremony is packing some serious technological heat.

The baton has captured videos and sounds from the 71 nations of the Commonwealth. Some of the images captured will be played on the giant helium blimp as part of the ceremony.

Messages of congratulations and encouragement can be sent to the baton, which incidentally set the OC back by Rs 97 lakh.

Training Aids
To increase their endurance, speed, and agility, the Indian hockey team uses a host of modern equipments. The Lactate Pro-Meter evaluates lactic acid accumulation, aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold of a player.

The Body Matrix BX 2000 measures the fat percentage of players. The Dynatron 709 is used for instant treatment of injuries. Physiological Ergogenic Aids are used for injury prevention, recovery and regeneration.

High Definition Cameras
In 1982, the Asian Games brought colour TV to India. At the Commonwealth Games, High Definition (HD) technology will enter the scene.

It will be introduced through Helicams, Plunge Cams and Wire Cams. Helicams will be used for aerial shots and during marathons, giving a high-quality birdís eye view. Plunge Cams will bring a new dimension to swimming, providing a fish-eye view of proceedings.

Wire Cams will bring a competitorís perspective to all the athletic action on the field.

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