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Author Topic: Site Announcement: New Moderators, New Homepage!  (Read 1923 times)

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Site Announcement: New Moderators, New Homepage!
« on: April 14, 2009, 04:56:44 PM »

Hi All,

As most of you have noticed, there are a lot of changes taking place on CricketVoice.com.  All of them are being undertaken with the hope to get over the staleness that’d overtaken the website and to attract old as well as new members to the website in a more appealing fashion.  In addition to the cricket forum, there’s also now a brand new home page http://www.cricketvoice.com -–if your internet is slow, please wait for it to load!

But the changes aren’t just cosmetic.  There’s also a firmer strategy to keep CricketVoice relevant in the aftermath of Misters Ganguly and Chappell departing from the international scene.

The mod squad has been divided in two teams now—pure moderation (think punishment) and marketing.  A lot of thinking has gone into selecting this group though there are many others beyond this group who’ve been here since day 1 and without whose contributions the DG would not exist today.  But a lot of factors, such as time zones and ensuring coverage at all times, went into deciding on the moderators.

The moderators, who will carry out the traditional duties of enforcing rules, are:
Kban (squad leader), Dhruv, Justforkix, CLR James, Keep-it-Cool, (there’s another name but I’ll leave this blank until the person has agreed).

The board of directors, who will be responsible for marketing of the site, as well as molding the direction of the site, recruiting and retaining members, suggesting new features, etc. are:
Broadbat, Winnignow, BlweTorch, Ruchir, Libran, Poondu, Achu.

I’ll assist the directors and will also continue as the site administrator along with Kban.  CandyMachine will be in charge of design and graphics.  A couple from the above will also be assigned to the fantasy league, once that’s ready.

As far as moderation goes, the changes will take start taking place tomorrow and there will be a transition phase of 7 days during which old moderators will continue with duties while new ones formalize their own procedures and figure out how to split a post from a thread of 200 posts.
If we’ve overlooked anyone who is interested in getting involved in the site beyond posting, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we’d love to have people step up and take more responsibility.

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