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Author Topic: Today Obama Quietly Bought Food for a Widow and a Disabled Roofer in Need  (Read 1346 times)

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Please note that the original article was posted on the web by the person he helped:

It was not supposed to be a campaign stunt or anything.

And later a dailykos reader summed it up nicely here:

BrotherJonah was a roofer who became disabled, with injured feet.  He was out scrounging for scrap metal today (against his doctor's orders), to get enough food money to last him and his landlady through the weekend.

BrotherJonah shares a house in Colorado Springs, Colorado with a widow who he calls Miss Johnnie. He came home and found the woman was crying and showing him a table full of Chinese food.  He thought one of our friends or my relatives had come over and bought for them.  But the real story was much more interesting.

Obama volunteers were canvasing in the area and knocked on the door of Miss Johnnie.  She is a registered Republican, but told them she was supporting Obama.  She then started to tell them her troubles, including how her husband was a Vietnam Vet who died of Agent Orange.  One of the volunteers was a Marine and a Vietnam Vet.  The volunteer then started making calls on his cell phone.  Soon, he handed the phone to Miss Johnnie.  It was Barack Obama.

JPZenger's diary :: ::
The woman told Barack about her daughter Michelle, a Marine who had been deployed to Iraq twice, and whose scheduled discharge may be delayed because of the Stop Loss rules.  She talked about her continous troubles with the VA concerning her husband's medical bills.  She talked about the difficulty of getting the VA to cover medical expenses that she had paid out of pocket, and the nitpicky paperwork errors by the VA. She told him about her difficulty affording food.

About 20 minutes later a very large order of Chinese food came to the door.

The delivery man was a recent immigrant and didn't speak English, so he called his boss, who told them that Obama had called and put the order on his personal credit card.

Brotherjonah came home and had only  been able to buy a half gallon of milk, enough food for one meal and some cat food. Instead, they had enough food to last until Monday.

Brotherjonah wrote:

"He was there in a way that really counts.  McCain has a fake falsified made-up "Joe the Plumber" who turns out to be a white-collar person named Sam and not even a plumber...

Obama now has Miss Johnnie the Viet-Nam Widow and a Real Joe the Ex-Roofer with Busted Feet. That's why Obama wins.  He's Real, his concern for the people is Real, and the people who supporting him, WE'RE real too."

I know BrotherJonah as a person who regularly posts on the www.alfrankenweb.com website. This account did not come from the campaign office or a reporter - it came directly from the disabled ex-roofer.

Here's a photo of Obama making a phone call to a voter today. (Fourth photo)



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I think we will have to get used to Obama bringing food to all of us ..
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