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Author Topic: Bear with Mae  (Read 1004 times)

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Bear with Mae
« on: October 07, 2008, 11:07:31 AM »

My American pals are curious that when the whole world seems to be in a dither over the collapse of various financial powerhouses around the world, (well America actually, but then people there tend to believe that they are the world) why the average Indian seems to be accepting this rather stoically?
I then explain that it all has to do with the game of cricket. I tell them we have our own versions of Mae, Mac, Lehman and Sterns and quite possibly an AIG too and hence nothing is a real surprise.
 I elaborate, you see in India we have two groups of people; one who dabble in financial mumbo jumbo (read as stock market) and another who believe that the only stocks are those kept by the shops. Now we can safely ignore the latter group as they care a fig if a bear ate up Sterns and the only Mac they have heard of, could be eaten anyway.
Now when we further analyze the former group we find that they are all, invariably cricket fans. Which is to suggest that they have spent this past summer watching a few famous, fabulous, call them what you will Indian cricketers (who by the way happen to be walking banks in themselves) crumble so often and with alarming regularity in the field that all this mayhem on Wall Street has seemed like child’s play. Also the only Wall they are truly interested in has shown up so many cracks of late, that it is a wonder it has not fallen before the Lehman brothers did. Now things have reached such a pass, that to shore up his confidence, some builder has put up a real wall in the stadium where he will be playing. It has been made strong enough to withstand the shock of loyal fans banging their heads against it should their idol fail again.
Again I inform them that the reason why most financial types are cricket fans are because they know that there is more money floating around the game than on Dalal Street. In fact cricket could be considered a floating casino. There is a lot more wagered on whether one of the quartets would make the team or not, than in the entire US govt. bailout plan. A lot more dirt has been dug up on his women than about Sarah Palin. Much is being debated, and I don’t mean the kids stuff that McCain and Obama are going through, but a hot one with the gloves well and truly off on if the player in question will leave the game with the sobriquet ‘God of the off side’ or will he be off the side for good.
Now if we were to turn to our attention to our equivalent of Mae you will find he is such a strong robust player with an impeccable pedigree of previous records that a team without him was unthinkable in the not so recent past. Now a regular brief about him is that he ‘may’ play if fit. We all love him and wish that he is able to spend as much time on the field as he seems to be spending in the commercials. One of the tag lines of his commercial goes thus ‘Kal Par Control’. What he seems to have lost control of is 'aaj par' We hope his struggle to be the top run getter will not be as painful to watch as that of a  former Indian great in his endeavor to become the leading wicket taker of his time.
If the FIFO principle holds then this very special player should be the last to leave the game. He certainly seems to be the last to get out in the current side anyway. The memories of his partnership with ‘The Wall’ are all but a distant dream. He must have batted the most with a tail ender as partner than any other member in the current side. Similarly I doubt any No. XI has had to face as much bowling as he has in his exalted company.
By the time I wound up my talk, the look on their faces said it all. My American friends were as clueless as any of their investment bankers.
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