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Author Topic: Quiz thread - for mods  (Read 1679 times)

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Quiz thread - for mods
« on: July 22, 2007, 03:05:26 AM »

I do not know what others feel but in my opinion this was a good thread to be on top for everybody to see. i know not everybody participates in the thread but nevertheless it proved to be the most viewed and most posted thread in this DG. Even though i have been here from the inception of this DG i could not locate it without going back to my latest posts.

if you want to kill this thread then take it away from the main discussion page. this was a non controversial thread where newcomers (and oldies) could perceive the good things about the DG, not to mention one of the few threads where only cricket is discussed.

However, if you feel that taking it away from the main page enhances the DG, its appeal and encourages future members feel free to do so.

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Re: Quiz thread - for mods
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2007, 03:54:35 AM »


I put the Quiz thread in the Cricket Knowledge & Video Links section because ideally thats where it should be. Not to kill the thread or reduce posts, etc but to encorage participation and visits to other Boards.

The following is the logic

But putting both the Quiz thread and the Video LInks in the General Discussion, it tells people (visitors) that the GD is the only section of note that we have to attract you guys.

Whereas having the cricket video links and rolling quiz in another section highlights the attraction and saleability of the site --in terms of more than one area to visit.

Which in turn encourages them to see other boards. And activity on other cricket related boards indicates a vibrant site rather than only  one active cricket related board showing signs of activity.

Besides, every time a new link is posted or a new question is asked on the quiz, the new post tracking features on the DG immediately highlight this other board for newer members as well as for existing members.

Right now we have a morass of threads in GD which are not even sorted out into their respective boards properly. And many posts in diff boards are misclassified. It will take a concerted effort to bring some order to the site esp with past thread reclassifications.

Ultimately, you want an easy filing system in addittin to saleability of different points across the board.

A lot of factors to keep in mind here.

This is not a final deciison by any means - in fact dex and I are debating pros and cons.

So comments are welcome
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